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Go to your favorite internet news site, open a newspaper, watch the news on TV, and it’s just about a certainty that there will be featured stories about the abysmal state of the economy. An astounding 98 Million people are no longer in the work force. Unemployment is reported at 7%, while in truth it’s closer to 14% when you factor in the people who have stopped looking for jobs. Remember the days not that long ago when unemployment was around 5%, and many of the economic pundits ridiculed that number, saying many of those jobs were minimum wage entry level positions. In 2011, McDonald’s announced that it was hiring 50,000 new employees, and that was hailed by those same pundits as a great sign that the recession was over. Guess it’s not so bad being an entry level minimum salaried worker after all.

Most of us don't see earning a minimum wage as a way to buy a home, put our kids through college, pay our bills, take nice vacations, and live a life free of financial worries. How do we get to that financially secure place? Unfortunately, many of us won’t because we work for others and spend our lives trading hours for dollars. They get rich and we exist. We are limited as to what we can produce as one person, and just never seem to get ahead. The future seems increasingly bleak.

There are a growing number of people, some 30 million in the US alone, and countries around the world who refused to accept such a grim financial future, and did something about it. They took control of their own financial futures. They became entrepreneurs – they started their own home based businesses. Looking for business opportunities, they did their homework and learned that 70% of home based businesses will last over three years, while only 29% of new conventional businesses will make it into the third year. Can you actually earn money working from home? It might surprise you to learn that, according to the Small Business Administration, 53% of small businesses in the US are home based and generate an amazing 427 Billion in revenues annually, more than the Big Three auto companies combined. Low start up costs and low operating costs allow people doing business from home to retain a much greater share of income generated. The median income of a person working from home is $65,000 as compared to $46,000 in the general working population. Many of those people working from home have built substantial six-figure incomes.

The people in these videos recognized there was a better way. They are now sharing in that $427 billion dollar bonanza. Why not you?

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