Working Mothers


Today 70% of mothers in the US are now a part of the work force – some by choice, many by necessity.  Because of the instability in today’s economy, soaring prices for goods and services, astronomical costs of sending kids to college, and uncertainty about the sustainability of programs like Social Security, the two job family has become the norm rather than the exception.  There are many successful working mothers who enjoy the challenge of the workplace, earn substantial salaries, and find ways to balance career and family time.  
That balance can at times be difficult and sacrifices must be made. Putting a child in daycare is not easy especially if they are toddlers.  Psychological studies have shown that children thrive best at home with a loving parent during their first three years of life.  Children in daycare tend to be sick more often simply because germs spread more quickly in groups, and one parent must take time off from work to care for the child, and usually its mom.  And many mothers, rightly or wrongly, experience a feeling of guilt that they are missing out on a big part of their child’s upbringing – that a care giver is having a greater impact than they are on their child’s development.  
The women in these videos were all working mothers. They worked in a variety of occupations – some had more than one job, but they shared a common goal – they wanted to be home raising their children. They wanted to be classroom mom, go on field trips, be Girl Scout leaders – essentially to be there for the things that are so important to kids.  The problem of course was financial.  How do you leave your job when your household needs that income?  They found a way.  They found a unique company with a 25 year record of success that offered them the opportunity to work from home and not only replace, but in many cases exceed the income from their full-time jobs.  Their stories are inspiring – they could be your story.